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Turbonics has been a producer of quality hydronic heating products for more than 60 years. Turbonics introduced the Toester under-cabinet heating units several years ago, to fit the needs of high output emitters in small confined spaces, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Turbonics’ long history of manufacturing epitomizes the reliability and quality customers have come to expect from our products.

Built on our philosophy “Innovation is an American Tradition”, the engineers at Turbonics are constantly designing products to solve today’s application requirements while utilizing the latest technological advances.

Turbonics Toester Pro Kickspace Hydronic Fan Coil Heaters Kitchen

Toester Under-Cabinet Hydronic Fan Coils

Compact, quiet and responsive. Toester-Pro units can deliver heat to any space evenly and comfortably. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, Toester-Pro units were designed specifically for areas where space is limited. Toester-Pro units are constructed for easy, cost-effective installation with no solder, quick-connect stainless steel water hoses.

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Turbonics Kickster Pro Kickspace Hydronic Fan Coil Heaters Kitchen

Kickster Under-Cabinet Hydronic Fan Coils

Kickster-Pro models have the smallest profile of all our kickspace units but still deliver heat to any space evenly and comfortably. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, Kickster-Pro units were designed specifically for areas where space is limited including under cabinets and between wall studs. Kickster-Pro units are constructed for easy, cost-effective installation with no solder, quick connect stainless steel water hoses.

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Turbonics Kickster Hydronic Fan Coil Heater Valve Control Box Installation

Kickster Valve Control Box

Turbonics innovative Valve Control Box (VCB) is designed with the installer in mind as it streamlines installations of our fan coil units and valve controls, saving valuable labor time and equipment costs when compared to field fabricated installations. The VCB is a factory installed option on Kickster KWM6+ and 11+ fan coils.

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Turbonics TurboPak Commercial Hydronic Finned Tube Heating Office

Turbo-Pak Commercial Finned Tube

Turbo-Pak is a commercial grade hydronic heating product that comes completely packaged, making it a turn-key solution for all applications. Available in both standard output single-tier TP-14 and high capacity two-tier TP-20 to comfortably heat any space.

Turbo-Pak's practical slope design has a pleasing appearance and will enhance the look of any medical building, conference room, dining room, lobby, office suite and any other high traffic areas.

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Turbonics Cabinet Unit Steam And Hot Water Heaters Classroom

Cabinet Unit Heaters Steam & Hot Water

Turbonics Cabinet Unit Heaters are designed to blend seamlessly with any room decor while providing efficient heated air distribution to the occupied space.

Application flexibility, reliability and quiet operation epitomizes Turbonics Cabinet Unit Heaters. From the wide selection of floor, wall and ceiling units to the variety of air flow configurations Turbonics has the solution for any project.

All Turbonics Cabinet Unit Heaters have individual thermostats with variable speed fan controls giving occupants total customization of room temperature.

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Convectors Steam & Hot Water Unit Heaters

Turbonics Convectors provide an effective and efficient heating solution for small areas including entrances, rest rooms, offices and apartments in both commercial and institutional settings.

Convectors are engineered for both hot water and steam systems and come in (7) basic configurations. The cabinet enclosures are available in a variety of styles to meet the needs of a range of heating applications both functionally and esthetically.

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